It all started in 1926

Company Profile

Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd., one of the leading petroleum companies in the world, decided to expand its presence in the Middle East by opening a branch office in Beirut under the name of "The Shell Co. of Syria Limited" . In 1964 this branch was renamed "Shell Lebanon" to go in line with "BP Lebanon", a branch of BP London Limited which entered the Lebanese market the same year.
Shell and BP Lebanon have been amongst the major petroleum companies in the Lebanese market till 1976 when both mother companies decided to leave the country because of the regrettable incidents. The local branches were ceded to the existing employees who, in order to continue running the business as exclusive agents of Shell and BP in Lebanon, registered two companies in London, namely

  • The Coral Oil Co. Ltd.(formerly Shell Lebanon)

  • The Speed Oil Co. Ld. (formerly BP Lebanon).

The two companies were represented by branches in Lebanon and whose shares were held by a holding company registered in the Isle of Man under the name of Fortuna Holding Company.
Despite the severe conditions generated by the civil disturbances, both companies remained operational under the employees' management until 1995 when Moroncha Holding Company acquired part of the shares and all the shares in 1999.
Due to its long years of experience and competence, Coral Oil is a name which is well known and esteemed by our competitors as well as our dealers and consumers all over the country. Our greatest strength lies in our alliance with multinational companies and our reliance on people both employees and customers.
Our organisation embodies around 80 qualified employees - engineers, chemists, technicians and skilled workers) who are dedicated to offer our customers the best quality services and advices they need. Our continued motto is honesty, quality and value.


To regain leadership in the Lebanese oil industry by continuously improving performance, efficiency, effectiveness and health safety environment(HSE) awareness


Leadership entails superiority in the following:

  • Work Force

  • Profitability through full utilization of assets

  • Image

  • Quality control

  • Customer service

  • Creative


Mr. Oscar Yammine
Mr. Antonio Yammine
Mr. Edgard Yammine

General Manager

Mr. Antonio Yammine