Built originally by Shell Company in 1930 over an area of about 82000 sq. meters. The terminal enjoys a duty free zone and as such, products can be imported, stored and re exported on duty free basis. The installation was subject to several upgrading and modernization to ensure full compliance with rules and regulations set for the industry, whether local and / or international. The terminal has a storage capacity of 48000 KL of various petroleum products, which include Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Chemical Solvents and Base Oils. The terminal owns a tanker-mooring berth that can accommodate up to 20000 dwt tankers. This berth is connected to the shore storage tanks by four submarine line extending 700+ meters into the sea.

Lubricants Blending Plant

Built by Shell Company in the late 1960's with a blending and packaging capacity of approximately 7000 metric tons per year, which can be doubled through supplementary shift. During the past few years, joint efforts with BP Oil International were exerted towards setting up new blending procedures in line with international standards applied in lubricants blending. Also, new filling lines were introduced along with other machinery needed to ensure the top quality of the locally produced lubricating oils. Currently the blending is confined to producing BP Lubricants under license


The laboratory is equipped with up to date machinery needed to conduct major analysis for petroleum products such as gasoline, gas oil, Jet fuel, lubricants as well as chemical solvents.