Machinery of all types and sizes and wherever they are being operated, would be unable to function properly if it were not for the presence of appropriate lubricant reducing the friction and wear, protecting against corrosion and deposits, provide cooling and generally ensuring the smooth and trouble free operations

The conditions under which lubricant have to work vary enormously, and as a result many different types of lubricant are designed to meet the changing and demanding needs of engine and machinery manufacturers. These lubricant range from the highly specialized to the multi-purpose lubricant.

Ever since the company has been established, lubricant used to constitute a sizable part of its marketing operations. Being built by Shell, the company used to market Shell lubricant. Later, and in early 1960's, BP lubricant were also introduced in the market and became a sister brand to Shell whereby both grades used to be marketed through our retail network.

Shell and BP Lubricant are rated worldwide amongst the top brands. By mid 1997, our contract with Shell was over and we were left with BP lubricant . The range of BP grades marketed by us covers almost all applications and needs of the local market.

Our target is to regain our leadership in the market through quality products blended and formulated to the latest technology worldwide and meeting the latest requirements set by engine and machinery manufacturers. This is not to mention our keen efforts to maintain the carefully studied retail and consumer prices and constant monitoring of the market at all levels. This is conducted through a team of sales force trained and qualified to provide necessary assistance and technical support to all our clients.

In fact within the last three years we grew steadily, not only in the commercial and industrial fields, but as well in the high street and the service stations. No doubt, this was the result of wise and effective market strategy along with well planned and executed programs coupled with intensive efforts that were deployed towards attaining our set target.

The after sales service that we offer to our clients includes laboratory testing of used oil samples and setting up oil monitoring programs.

It goes without saying that we market a wide range of products with the worldwide renowned high technology that BP enjoys. This range covers lubricant that meet the various applications and demands of all market segments; namely, automotive, industrial, marine as well as aviation. The table below lists the lubricant that are available in stock on regular basis. Other products that are used for special applications can also be imported on special order.

     Automotive Lubricant

Passenger Cars
Engine Oils
BP Visco 5000
BP Visco 2000
BP Motor Oil HD
BP Energol HD
Gear Oils
BP Energear Hypo
BP Energear EP
BP Autogear
Automatic Transmission Fluids
BP Autran DX III
BP Autran DX II
BP Limslip 90
Engine Oils
BP Vanellus C3 Multigrade
BP Vanellus Ce Mono
BP Vanellus C3 200
Gear Oils
BP Energear Hypo
BP Energear EP
BP Autogear

     Industrial Lubricant

Circulation & System Oils
Energol CS
Compressor Oils
Energol RC R
Energol RC
Energol SHF HV
Hydraulic Oils
Bartran HV
Energol HLP Z
Refrigeration Compressor Oils
Energol LPT
Industrial Gear Oils
Energol GR XP
Industrial Greases
Energrease MM EP
Energrease LS and LS EP
Energrease L21M
Energrease HTG 2

     Marine Lubricant

Energol CLO 50M
Energol OE HT 30
Energol IC HFX
Energol DS 3
Energol DL MP
Energol OE

     Other Lubricant

Textile Machinery
Energol TXN
Transformer Fluids
Transcal SA
Transcal N
Turbine Oils
Energol THB
White Oils
Enerpar T
Enerpar M