98 Octane: LBP1,684,000 --- 95 Octane: LBP1,646,000 --- EcoDiesel: LBP1,501,000 

About Us

Powering Lebanon Since 1925

Since its inception in 1925, The Coral Oil Company Limited has been committed to supplying both Lebanon’s private and public sectors  with essential fuel and petrochemical products.

Our Heritage

“The Coral Oil Company Limited,” a U.K.-based enterprise that was incorporated in 1925, registered its Lebanese branch in 1926 to become one of the first companies to service the Lebanese energy market. It operated commercially under Shell until the year 1976, after which the company Became known as the “The Coral Oil Company Limited.”

Forty years later, at the end of 2016, the company was acquired by the Alfred Yamin family as part of its business expansion in the petro-chemical industry.

The Coral Oil Company Limited, better known in Lebanon as “Coral,” maintains a history of nearly a century with significant experience in wholesale and retail operations in addition to its renowned supply of petro-chemical products, which empowers the business with dynamic growth in terms of product offerings and customer service.

Why We Are Different

Commitment to Our Customers

Everything we do is for the welfare of our country and our people. As Lebanon’s leading fuel importer, we see that role as a responsibility to serve the nation.

Upholding the Highest Standards

We take quality control very seriously, which is why all our products comply with the highest international standards and regulations, as well as the strict requirements of the state.

Going the Extra Mile

At Coral Oil, we believe in going above and beyond to ensure supplies of essential fuels in order to power the nation. That’s why we work hard to keep you moving and to keep your lights on.

Commitment to Excellence

Our Mission

To excel in supplying premium quality products, providing improved services and maintaining an eco-friendly environment.

Our Vision

To sustain excellence in all aspects of the petro-chemical  industry.

Our Philosophy

At Coral Oil we believe that serving our customers to the best of our abilities is the best road to success for the entire nation.

Our Products


Our high-performance EcoFuel+ products are available in both Unleaded 95 and Unleaded 98 grades.


Our highest quality EcoDiesel products not only power the national electricity grid but also essential facilities.


Our high-quality aircraft fuel complies with stringent international standards to ensure aviation safety.


We supply only the highest quality lubricants for private cars, commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

Our Board

Oscar Alfred Yamin

Oscar Alfred Yamin


Antonio Alfred Yammine

Antonio Alfred Yammine

General Manager and Board Member

Edgar Alfred Yamin

Edgar Alfred Yamin

Director and Board Member

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