98 Octane: LBP1,881,000 --- 95 Octane: LBP1,843,000 --- EcoDiesel: LBP1,750,000 

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 At Coral Oil, we go the extra mile to supply you with essential fuel so you can keep moving forward with the lights on.   


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Our range of high-performance Ecofuel products are available in both Unleaded 95 and Unleaded 98 grades.


Our highest quality EcoDiesel products not only power the national electricity grid but also essential facilities.


Our high quality aircraft fuel complies with stringent international standards to ensure aviation safety.


We supply only the highest quality lubricants for private cars, commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

Making a Difference Across Lebanon

Coral Oil is committed to supplying Lebanon with essential premium quality products, providing improved services and maintaining an eco- friendly environment. When it comes to powering our nation, there can be no compromise. 

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