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Coral’s Colorful Labor Day Celebration Transforms Vintage Truck into Showcase of Team Creativity

5 May 2024

As the world geared up to celebrate the hard work and dedication of every worker, Coral Oil, known for its innovative spirit and vibrant culture, took this Labor Day to a whole new level of creativity and camaraderie. On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, the Coral family came together for a truly colorful affair that left a mark – literally!

Picture this: a sunny afternoon at the Coral premises, where laughter echoed and excitement buzzed in the air. Employees from every department, decked out in their finest smiles and most comfortable painting attire, gathered around a true relic of Coral’s history – the legendary Diamond T 723 truck.

This vintage beauty, born in the heyday of 1954, had seen it all: kilometers of road, gallons of fuel, and decades of service. Though its last dance on the asphalt was in 2017, today, it was destined for a new chapter – one splashed with hues of Coral’s spirit.

Under the warm April sun, brushes in hand and creativity unbound, Coral’s team transformed the tired metal canvas into a riot of colors and patterns. Each stroke was a testament to Coral’s ethos: bold, dynamic and unafraid to stand out.

But this was more than just about redecorating an old truck; it was about coming together as one big Coral family. Heads of departments and managers mingled with frontline staff, sharing stories, laughter and, of course, paint tips. It was about the bond that unites every Coral employee – a bond forged in hard work, shared goals and a commitment to excellence.

As the clock ticked and the sun dipped low, the transformation was complete. What was once a weathered relic now stood as a vibrant testament to Coral’s uniqueness, its spirit emblazoned in every stroke. And as the day drew to a close, amid cheers and applause, Coral stood tall, a beacon of teamwork, innovation and the unwavering Coral spirit.

Edgar Yamin, Board Member and Executive Director at Coral, said: “This is a tribute to Coral’s colorful past, vibrant present and promising future. This is us standing out, shining as one big team and celebrating the spirit of Labor Day like only Coral knows how. Because at Coral, being uniquely Coral isn’t just a motto – it’s a way of life.”

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