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Coral Elevates Your Drive to Unprecedented Performance with EcoFuel+

2 March 2024

As the energy industry continues its relentless pursuit of innovation, Coral, Lebanon’s premier distributor of gasoline and other petroleum products, ensures that the benefits of such efforts are made available to the country’s motorists with the launch of EcoFuel+, an Unleaded Gasoline Ron 95 that redefines excellence on a global scale and elevates your drive. Produced in strict accordance with the latest European Standards (Euro 6 / En 228), EcoFuel+ isn’t just another fuel option; it’s a transformative solution offering a myriad of benefits that promise to revolutionize the driving experience.

EcoFuel+ sets itself apart by prioritizing efficiency. With a higher energy content, EcoFuel+ goes beyond conventional limits to redefine fuel efficiency. Vehicles fueled by EcoFuel+ exhibit extended driving ranges, allowing you to cover more ground with fewer refueling stops.

What makes EcoFuel+ exceptional is its ability to elevate engine performance to unprecedented levels. The higher energy content within this unleaded gasoline translates into enhanced horsepower and acceleration, delivering a ride that is not just smooth but exhilarating. EcoFuel+ unlocks the full potential of your engine, transforming each journey into an adventure.

EcoFuel+ stands out for its universal compatibility with all types of engines and takes a proactive stance against common combustion issues such as vapor lock and engine knocking. The promise of engine reliability is at the core of EcoFuel+, providing a trouble-free driving experience under varied conditions.

Consistency is not merely a goal for EcoFuel+ – it’s a guarantee. The stable composition of EcoFuel+ ensures reliable and uniform fuel performance, regardless of the driving conditions.

In addition, EcoFuel+ is less susceptible to water absorption, reducing the risk of fuel system corrosion and damage. EcoFuel+ tackles this concern head-on by being less susceptible to water absorption. Coral’s EcoFuel+ is a breakthrough in Unleaded Gasoline Ron 95. With its higher energy content, universal compatibility, and a suite of benefits aimed at enhancing engine performance and longevity, EcoFuel+ users in a new era in automotive fuel. Go Further, Go EcoFuel+.

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