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Coral’s Commitment to Education Continues with Scholarships for 400 Students

10 April 2024

The following article first appeared in the April 10, 2024, edition of Akhbar Al Yawm.

As Lebanon continues to navigate through challenging times, Coral remains firm in its commitment to empower education and uplift the country’s youth. In 2023, Coral proudly extended its support by granting scholarships to 400 students across 30 schools, up from 350 in 25 schools in 2022, building upon its previous endeavors to foster a brighter future for Lebanon.

In a country where knowledge is synonymous with resilience, Coral recognizes the pivotal role education plays in shaping the destiny of generations to come.

Led by its visionary founders, Oscar Yamin, Antonio Yammine, and Edgar Yamin, Coral’s dedication to education reflects its deep-rooted belief that investing in youth is paramount to the nation’s recovery and prosperity.

Chairman Oscar Yamin, a staunch advocate for education, emphasizes, “Coral’s dedication to education stems from our belief in the transformative power of knowledge. As we grant scholarships to 400 students, we reaffirm our commitment to building a brighter future for Lebanon.”

This commitment to education is not just a philanthropic endeavor for Coral; it’s a fundamental aspect of its mission. As an integral part of the Lebanese community, Coral understands the urgency of nurturing young minds.

Through its scholarship program, Coral directly impacts the lives of students in various communities across Lebanon. The initiative has received heartfelt appreciation from school officials, highlighting Coral’s unwavering dedication to uplifting the next generation.

For Coral, the prosperity of Lebanon and its people will always be the foremost priority as a reliable ally, committed to fostering a brighter tomorrow for all. In its continued journey, Coral reaffirms its pledge to uplift communities, one scholarship at a time.

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