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Using the right lubricant can extend your vehicle’s life

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29 July 2022

Like everything else in life, cars can’t last forever. A combination of time and wear takes a toll, and after a while materials degrade, moving pieces wear out. But using the right lubricant can make sure that once brand new and shiny vehicle remains a useful tool for transportation instead a burden.

With a little bit of care and proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your car significantly, particularly by taking good care of your engine. As you probably already know, the moving parts inside your engine are what puts the drivetrain in motion, allowing the car to move. A compressed mixture of gasoline and air set the pistons in motion in sequence, rotating the crankshaft which in turn spins the flywheel. All of these rapidly moving parts inside a very hot engine grind against one another, scraping away small metallic particles. Over time, these can make your engine completely inefficient and without compression.

This is where lubricants come in. Developed with molecules that form a protective film over metal surfaces, lubricants reduce mechanical wear and improve machine longevity. When talking about engine oil, the main and most important factor is the grade you use. You may have heard of different grades such as 5W-30 instead or 0W-30, well the fact is that every car requires a specific grade of lubricant, depending not only on the engine’s specifications, but also on the climate. This means the same car will need different grades of oil depending on whether it’s in an icy cold region in the winter or a scorching hot region in the summer.

Using oil with inappropriate specifications can result in reduced lubrication, increased damage from wear, and even oxidation and corrosion. Moreover, your fuel consumption can increase and you may even suffer from oil leaks, engine noise and component failure.

That’s why it’s always important to use lubricants with specifications recommended by the manufacturer. After all, who better to trust with the welfare of your vehicle than the people who developed and built these machines in the first place, and who have a greater understanding of its requirements?

The correct oil grade not only protects your engine and increases its longevity, but also provides numerous other benefits such as improved performance and fuel consumption, reduced engine noise and longer drain Intervals. That means the antioxidant additives found in many synthetic lubricants can help cut down maintenance costs and allow you to drive further before the need for an oil change.

In addition, since an engine is made of metal parts that are vulnerable to rust, it is essential to protect it with lubricants infused with corrosion inhibitor additives. These additives also inhibit the formation of harmful deposits which improves engine longevity and allows the oil circulate more efficiently.

Moreover, some types of lubricants improve fuel economy by lowering viscosity and thus reducing engine friction, and this in turn provides fuel economy gains lower operating costs.

Coral Oil and Liquigas, Lebanon’s leading fuel importers, offer a broad range of lubricants with specifications suited for every car and climate. Our experts are always ready to assist you in selecting the optimal lubricant for your vehicle, ensuring that they comply with the specifications required by the manufacturer and extend the longevity of your vehicle.

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