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Coral employees bring joy of Christmas to kids with twin charity events

29 December 2022

BEIRUT: Christmas is a time of warmth, cheer and festivities, gifts under the Christmas tree and a feast for the entire family on the table. More importantly, however, it is a time to think of the less fortunate, and nothing better captures the spirit of this special season than the simple act of giving.

During this holiday season, the Human Resources department at Coral organized two charity events to bring some of that warmth to the children of two separate schools. The first event, held on December 19, saw a number of Coral volunteers deliver supplies of hygiene products such as shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, tooth brush, roll on, and so on to a group of young girls aged between 8 and 15 years old at Ecole Filles de la Charité – Zouk.

In addition, the Coral volunteers, who took time out of their busy days to visit the young ladies at their school, gifted them with clothing items such as scarves, hats and others, to bring a bit of extra joy to their hearts during the season of giving.

This occasion was followed by a visit Saint Zachary School-Daroun/Harissa on December 21, during which 20 Coral employees accompanied Coral’s very own Santa who, over the course of two joyful hours, brought smiles to the faces of the group of 25 boys and girls with scores of gifts while they all enjoyed juice and cake.

All the gifts and items gifted to the young children were donations made by Coral’s own employees, acts of generosity and selflessness on which the company’s culture is founded. The enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by our employees to the Lebanese community is a point of pride for Coral, as it perfectly reflects the company’s commitment to make a difference in every way possible.

Oscar Yamin, Chairman and CEO of Coral explained that Coral is more than a company, “it is a symbol of steadfastness, solidarity and community support. With our every endeavor we strive to set an example and a model for others to follow, because only through a collective effort can we truly set Lebanon back on the path of prosperity that will lift up every Lebanese citizen and afford them the quality of life they deserve.”

These acts of charity are just one facet of Coral’s stance toward the Lebanese community. These charity drives came in parallel to a wide-reaching program to provide 350 scholarships to students across 25 schools in various parts of the country.

Because of Coral’s scholarship program, this holiday season has been a far more cheerful time for the families of those 350 students, who have been struggling in these harsh times.

Such activities are part and parcel of Coral life, and are the engine that motivates the company to continue driving forward in order to ensure that every Lebanese has someone looking out for them.

This is what the Coral family stands, from its owners to its employees, and we aspire to continue spreading joy, comfort and hope for a better future for all of Lebanon.

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