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Coral Oil CEO Oscar Yamin addresses cybersecurity workshop in Beirut

Coral Oil CEO Oscar Yamin addresses cybersecurity workshop in Beirut
21 August 2023

On July 24, Coral Oil CEO Oscar Yamin delivered a warm welcome to distinguished guests, including Mr. Mark Marrano, Deputy Chief of Mission representing Her Excellency, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea, at the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s (OSAC) workshop on organizational and individual cybersecurity best practices. The event was hosted by Coral Oil, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut and OSAC, which showed trust and confidence in selecting Coral as the venue for this crucial gathering.

Yamin expressed his pleasure in welcoming the diverse attendees to Coral’s premises in beautiful Beirut. He took the opportunity to highlight Coral and Liquigas group’s significant contributions to Lebanon’s energy sector over the decades. Specializing in importing, storing, and distributing gasoline, diesel and JET A1, both companies have played a crucial role in meeting Lebanon’s energy demands amid various social and economic challenges facing it.

Beyond their work in the energy sector, Yamin emphasized the companies’ commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Coral and Liquigas actively engage in initiatives supporting education and healthcare facilities, as well as promoting environmental sustainability. This commitment has led them to join the U.N. Global Compact network, further solidifying their dedication to sustainability.

Yamin went on to discuss the ongoing energy transition projects and their participation in the prestigious SelectUSA summit earlier in the year – Coral and Liquigas continue to forge ties with multinational businesses through national representation, building on successful partnerships with World Fuel Services and MOBIL, in addition to underscoring the strong relationship between Lebanon and the U.S.

Moving on to the main focus of the workshop, the Coral CEO addressed the critical issue of cybersecurity in the digital age. Recognizing the constant challenge posed by cyber-attacks, he stressed the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements and embracing innovation to drive growth and efficiency in businesses. The Coral CEO acknowledged the risks associated with cyberspace, especially the rise of misinformation on social media platforms, making vigilance in the digital realm a necessity.

To address these challenges, Yamin highlighted the valuable contribution of AINTEL Cyber, which offers guidance and measures to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks. He urged public and private entities to work together, support each other and learn from one another to create a secure environment for businesses and protect their digital assets and reputation.

In conclusion, Yamin expressed his appreciation to Mr. Mark Marrano for joining the workshop, along with Mr. Jason Smith, the Regional Security Officer and OSAC Public Chairman as well as Mr. Bill Maadarani, OSAC Private Chairman, for the timely event. He also thanked all attendees and speakers for their valuable presence and expertise to making the business environment safe.

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