Most cars are equipped with sophisticated engines, which are highly sensitive to gasoline quality.
To help preserve your car’s engine, Coral upgraded its range of high performance products by increasing their efficiency.The new gasoline, Ecofuel is available in both Unleaded 95 and Unleaded 98 grades.

Ecofuel provides your car’s engine with the following benefits:

  • Emission reduction
  • Cleaner intake valves
  • Preserves and extends engine life
  • Fuel-economy up to 10%
  • Overall enhanced driving experience

The technology of Ecofuel has been extensively tested and proven to be compliant with the requirements of the World Wide Fuel Charter.

How it works:

With its advanced formula, Ecofuel cleans your intake valves and prevents deposit build up. It also safeguards your engine from corrosion, as well as mechanical damage caused by friction minimizing energy waste.
Fuelling your car with Ecofuel maintains the cleanliness of your engine, resulting in optimum engine power.

The BP EnergolTM GR-XP gear oil range of high quality lubricants are based upon highly refined mineral oil, enhanced with sulphur/phosphorus extreme pressure additive technology providing outstanding thermal stability and high load carrying capacity.

The advanced extreme pressure additive system not only provides high load carrying capacity, but was designed to provide microscopic wear protection. Microscopic wear protection, also known as micropitting protection, is critical in preventing destructive wear at the micro level therefore extending gear life and meeting the evolving demands of smaller and higher output gear boxes


The Energol GR-XP range is recommended for the lubrication of industrial gearboxes using forced circulation or splash and oil bath lubrication. They may be used for the lubrication of spur and helical gears and in some lightly loaded worm type gear applications.

They have very good viscosity characteristics to ensure that starting torques are not excessively high in cold operating conditions. The additives are compatible with the ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in industrial gear units.

The Energol GR-XP range is fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluropolymer seal materials.

Energol GR-XP is classified as follows: DIN Classification is CLP

Energol GR-XP grades meet the requirements of:

DIN 51517 Part 3
AGMA 9005 – D94
US Steel 224
David Brown Type E
Hansen Transmissions


• ‘Clean gear’ additive technology ensures low deposit formation and enhanced filter life.
• Full Extreme Pressure (EP) performance* gives maximum protection of gears against wear and shock-loading.
• Good water separation and demulsification characteristics means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
• Excellent protection against corrosion and wear results in less maintenance.
• Suitable for Müller Weingarten equipment

* ISO 220 grade achieved FZG >14 rating under A16.6/90 (double speed) test conditions

BP Energol GR-XP Range

Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

Typical Characteristics

Subject to usual manufacturing tolerances.

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