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Coral continues campaign to support fishing profession, now at Port of Berbara

21 July 2023

Coral Oil, Lebanon’s leading energy company known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, continues its campaign to support the fishing profession in the country. Building upon the success of its recent endeavor in Jbeil, where Coral aided the local fishermen’s co-op, the company is now extending its support to complement ongoing efforts to revive the Port of Berbara in the northern region of Lebanon.

The objective of this new project is to breathe new life into the local fishing industry by offering sustainable solutions and aid to the fishermen operating in the area. Coral’s commitment goes beyond financial contributions as they strive to create a secure and prosperous environment for a profession that is facing challenges, while also fostering social well-being within the local community.

A significant component of the latest phase of Coral’s initiative is the provision of solar panels and inverters at the Port of Berbara. By harnessing the power of solar energy, Coral aims to alleviate the electricity costs for the fishermen, enabling them to allocate more resources toward their operations and sustainable practices. Moreover, the adoption of renewable energy sources contributes to the preservation of the environment, which aligns with Coral’s strong dedication to sustainability.

Antonio Yammine, the General Manager of Coral, said, “Coral has stood by the Lebanese people for years, and in the face of the recent crisis, we have intensified our commitment to support our kin and community. It holds immense significance for us to contribute by providing solar panels, offering an affordable alternative energy source that minimizes costs for the fishery.”

Coral’s initiative has garnered praise from various stakeholders who recognize the importance of private sector involvement in sustaining the country. Lebanon’s Environment Minister Nasser Yassine expressed his appreciation, stating, “I am delighted not because this project will transform Lebanon, but because it serves as a stepping stone for change. It demonstrates our ability to address the public’s needs, foster collaboration and ultimately achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for the interests of the people.”

Coral’s continued support not only assists the fishermen in sustaining their businesses but also contributes to the preservation of the sea’s natural beauty and biodiversity. The ongoing partnership between Coral and the fishing communities serves as an inspiring story of collaboration and support for sustainability, setting a remarkable example for other businesses to emulate.

Joe Tannous, director of the Berbara Cooperative, said, “While the port was once a picturesque sight, the relentless forces of the sea gradually inflicted extensive damage and destruction. To combat this setback, we undertook the construction of a new fishery equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous specifications. However, we encountered an unexpected hurdle when the exorbitant cost of power supply threatened to impede our progress. Fortunately, Coral came to our aid, enabling us to forge ahead with the project. Today, we have access to a robust power supply of 55 Amperes, facilitating the operation of the fishery, refrigeration units to preserve the fish’s freshness and other essential equipment.”

George Mufarrej, Mayor of Berbara, said, “Today, as we gather to commemorate the inauguration of the solar power facility at the fishery, we bear witness to the fruits of remarkable endeavors driven by compassion, unity and cooperative spirit.”

The energy aspect is just one facet of efforts to reinvigorate the port area which include the installation of artificial reefs. “The creation of these artificial reefs serves as a means to provide secure sanctuaries for fish,” said Manal Nader, Director of the Institute of Environment at Balamand University. “Our endeavors in Berbara encompass not just a singular project, but rather multiple initiatives that are within our capabilities to enrich the region.”

As Coral Oil expands its campaign to the Port at Berbara, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to empower fishermen, promote environmental preservation and foster a prosperous future for Lebanon’s fishing industry. Through their unwavering dedication, Coral aims to create a lasting positive impact on the fishing industry and the surrounding communities.

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