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Coral donates two jet skis to Beirut Fire Regiment

28 January 2023

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, Coral donated two jet skis to the Beirut Fire Regiment. This donation will facilitate the execution of the brigade’s maritime missions, by helping it cover a larger area of the Lebanese coast in a faster and more efficient way.

The jet skis have been delivered during a ceremony attended by Mr. Antonio Yammine, General Manager and Board Member of Coral, in the presence of Beirut Governor Judge Marwan Abboud, as well as the Commander of the Beirut Fire Regiment Colonel Maher Ajouz.

On this occasion, Mr. Yammine delivered a speech highlighting “the unwavering commitment of Coral towards the Lebanese society, especially during the crisis”. He further explained that “the purpose of this initiative is to strengthen Lebanon’s capabilities in terms of emergency services”. He added that “this modest gesture aims to support the brave firemen of the Regiment who endanger their lives every day to save the lives and the properties of others from incidents and natural disasters.”

From his end, Commander of the Beirut Fire Regiment Colonel Maher Ajouz stated that: “Coral left an impact on the community, and today it has also left an impact on the Beirut Fire Regiment, as it decided to put it back its maritime rescue unit on the right track. We lost the center due to the Beirut Port explosion, and we didn’t have the capacity to restore it till this day. We are genuinely thankful for Coral, the company provided the jet skis and donated them for us.”

Coral is a company that believes in Lebanon with pride and conviction. It is committed to the welfare and prosperity of its community by constantly creating hope. As such, Coral took action since the beginning of the Lebanese crisis by making donations of tens of thousands of liters of diesel to hospitals, providing scholarships for hundreds of students. In addition, the company constantly manages support activities to various sectors including art, culture, sports and others.

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