Coral embraces employee training and happiness to ensure positive work environment

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8 September 2022

BEIRUT: As part of its commitment to excellence, Coral Oil organizes numerous training workshops in order to equip its staff with the most effective and contemporary tools to enable them to carry out their tasks with the most proficiency and at the highest standards.

We at Coral understand quite well that customer satisfaction is a reflection of our own merit. With this in mind, we make every effort to ensure our staff is appropriately trained in a diverse range of topics relevant to their work.

Perhaps ranking at the top of these skills is communication, a subject on which we place great emphasis as it is the foundation of our relationship not only with every one of our clients and customers, but also among our own team members. Communication begets clarity, which is why our employees are trained in communication skills to ensure that the right message is conveyed in the right tone to ensure optimal outcomes and satisfactory results.

In addition, thanks to our customer care training workshops, our staff understand that we are here to listen to the needs of our customers and to convey to our customers any information that can facilitate their work. In addition, our staff are ready and eager to assist as they can, and to exceed expectations at every turn.

Our desire to be of service is the beating heart that makes Coral a leader in the Lebanese fuel industry. But equally as important is the safety of our teams and our surrounding society. That is why our employees are provided with the necessary trainings in firefighting techniques and safe practices to avoid unsafe situations from occurring in the first place.

Furthermore, to achieve HSE Excellence, in compliance with our vision, our company plan is based on a robust HSE Management System and HSE Excellence Rules, which are built in reference to ISO requirements and international industrial guidelines. Our HSE motto “Safety is not an option but a commitment towards ourselves, the public and environment” further promotes a safety culture and on our commitment towards the society.

Moreover, Coral recognizes that the secret to our success is our staff, which is why their happiness is of the utmost importance to us. For that reason, the company maintains the ongoing “Happiness and Wellbeing” team project, complete with several “Ambassadors of Happiness at Work,” to ensure that morale remains high and that workplace remains a source of solace and positive vibes.

Among the many undertakings that are part of this project launched by HR is one based on a cross-functional team that consists of employees from different functions, departments, levels volunteering to work on one common goal. This effort aims to encourage innovative thinking, puts collaboration above competition, and enhances communication among departments.

The goal, as one can imagine, is to create a positive working environment by minimizing stress levels, improving employee satisfaction and engagement, and help them thrive. And the results speak for themselves, with employees asking for more trainings, which they considered as a learning experience and an opportunity to better communicate together.

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