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Coral empowers education with scholarships for 350 students across 25 schools

Coral empowers education with 350 scholarships
23 December 2022

BEIRUT: This Christmas, there can be no greater gift than ensuring that the country’s children receive the education they deserve, the education that is their right. In the spirit of the holiday season, when giving is the ultimate expression of love for one’s country, Coral empowers education by stepping up as part of its community outreach endeavors to provide 350 scholarships in 25 schools in various communities of the country.

Coral grants scholarships at Al iman Islamic Schools and Kobbet Al Nasser Maronite School.

Knowledge lies at the core of every great society and Coral, which is socially engaged in the wellbeing of its community, has moved to support students whose families have been affected by the unprecedented dire circumstances afflicting Lebanon and jeopardizing the education, and consequently the futures, of young people.

This undertaking is carried out by the company’s founders Oscar Yamin, Antonio Yammine and Edgar Yamin to support education programs as Coral considers education not only a springboard for Lebanon’s future, but also the most important and essential tool needed to empower the future generations.

Coral chairman Oscar Yamin, a father who values education above all else, said: “Investing in our children’s education means investing in a brighter tomorrow. Coral finds supporting youth today as one of the most important pathways to the recovery of Lebanon.”

This reflects Coral’s culture, which over time has demonstrated its unwavering determination to stand by every Lebanese family.

As part of this generous scholarship program, organized and managed directly by Coral, the company has provided scholarships in various schools across the country. Officials from the recipient schools were greatly appreciative of this humanitarian gesture, with many offering words of gratitude.

Joseph Yarak, Director of Ecole ds Peres Carmes -Mejdleya, said: “We thank Coral and the Yamin Group for standing by our students and their parents so they can continue their education and build a great future.” 

Father Stephane Francis, Director of Alkalima School – Saint Anthony – Zgharta, offered his gratitude to Coral for rising to the occasion during the holiday season in a reflection of its “perseverance and faith in Lebanon, which exports knowledge to the world.” 

Dr. Bassem Hmouda, Director of Al Iman Islamic Schools – Tripoli, in expressing his gratitude to Coral for supporting a number of their students, noted the importance of such undertakings, saying societies only prosper through education.

Fadi Khaled Zaouk, Public Relations Manager at Rawdat al Fayhaa Secondary School – Tripoli, lauded Coral’s efforts, expressing his appreciation for those who prioritize education and engage in efforts to serve the interests of students.

Father Maroun Youssef, Director of Al Kalima Saint Anthony School – Chekka, thanked Coral for offering its support for a number of families affected by the economic crisis, adding: “All sectors were affected, but especially the education sector, which is why it’s imperative that organizations stand by this sector so it can endure.”

While Coral empowers education as a central feature of its efforts to support the community, the company also goes to great lengths to come to the aid of struggling medical facilities and other public service institutions. In addition, Coral supports sports, emergency response organizations as well as creative and artistic talents whose contributions to the Lebanese society define the culture today and that of future of generations.

For Coral, Lebanon and the Lebanese people come first, and their prosperity will always be the company’s primary mission.

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