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Coral injects energy into arts and culture by sponsoring Murex d’Or awards

14 October 2022

BEIRUT: There is no greater purpose than to assume a vital role in lifting one’s nation to its full potential. This is a commitment Coral takes very seriously as part of its efforts to consistently provide support for diverse social, cultural, sports and artistic endeavors in our beloved country.

It is precisely for this reason that the company, under the direction of Oscar Yamin, Edgar Yamin and Antonio Yammine, is committed to supporting local talents. This year in particular, Coral has chosen to become a leading sponsor of the 2022 edition of the Murex d’Or awards, which recognize and honor the most distinguished among the mosaic of countless talents that comprise our nation.

A perfect example is the Lebanese female dance troupe Mayyas, which won the America’s Got Talent finale in the show’s 17th season despite the turmoil roiling Lebanon, and will be among those present and honored during this very special event.

Equally important is the theme of this year’s Murex d’Or, “Rise Up Lebanon,” under which this particular highly anticipated annual awards ceremony will be held at Casino du Liban on October 16, as it aligns completely with Coral’s mission to help restore Lebanon to the pinnacle of cultural achievements.

Murex D’or comes at a very challenging time for the people of this great nation, suffering hardship and diverse challenges with a ray of hope to illuminate the road to recovery.

Founded in Lebanon more than two decades ago by Dr. Zahi Helou and Dr. Fadi Helou, Murex d’Or, celebrates arts and culture across the region, and over the years has recognized the achievements of some of the most extraordinary performers in their respective fields.

Much like Coral, Murex d’Or chooses to preserve and nurture what makes Lebanon a beacon of light in the region with an eye on the future.

Furthermore, Coral’s mission, which is to stand by every Lebanese and lend support wherever possible, perfectly complements the motto of Murex d’or, which is to save our cultural identity and empower the creative and entertainment sector, which is instrumental in keeping our cultural achievements alive.

It goes without saying that irrespective of the difficulties faced by Lebanon, this country will always remain a pioneer in creativity, talent and excellence on the global and regional map.

That is a further reason for Coral to collaborate with this year’s Murex d’Or, as it converges with the company’s goal and efforts to pave the way for Lebanon’ resurgence as part of Coral’s social responsibility toward this nation, whether by lifting up artistic and creative talents or by providing support to organizations, institutions and individuals who have dedicated their lives to serve their fellow Lebanese. 

Every triumph brings us a step closer to recovery, and Coral fully intends to inject the needed energy into each of those steps until together we cross the finish line.  

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