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Coral Oil’s sustainability initiative supports Lebanon’s fishing industry

Coral Jbeil event
29 May 2023

Coral Oil’s recent initiative to support the fishermen’s co-op in Jbeil aims to revitalize the local fishing industry in Lebanon by creating a safe haven for a fading profession while providing social security for the local community.

Coral carries out its corporate social responsibility efforts come to alleviate the challenges faced by fishermen in sustaining their market and restaurant operations. Through these initiatives, Coral aims to bring about a significant positive change for the co-operative and the surrounding environment.

Edgar Yamin, Director and Board Member of Coral Oil, expressed the company’s commitment by saying: “We stand with the fishermen, supporting them in overcoming their challenges and persevering in this vital city. At Coral, we believe in the endeavors of those who strive for success and work tirelessly to earn a living. True success comes from working hand in hand, and we are honored to collaborate, even in a small way, to address your problems and meet your needs during these challenging times we are all facing.”

Basil El Hanach, the Secretary of Jbeil Co-operative, announced the launch of the initiative, which aimed to support the co-op through Coral’s contribution of solar power to reduce electricity costs and promote environmental preservation. Furthermore, Coral funded the creation of a charming garden that enhanced the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Lebanon’s Environment Minister, Nasser Yassin, highlighted the significance of Coral’s endeavor, acknowledging the private sector’s crucial role in sustaining the country. “This initiative carries a vital message: The private sector is sustaining the country through their determination, perseverance and faith in Lebanon,” he said, and expressed his gratitude to Coral for their support and commitment to environmental conservation.

Gloria Abou Zaid, Director Manager of Cooperatives in Lebanon, emphasized the significant impact that collaborations between the private and public sectors can have on the environment, economy and society as a whole. Coral’s intervention has transformed the market and restaurant into a successful model for sustainable fishing practices, attracting both locals and tourists.

Coral’s initiative not only helped the fishermen sustain their business but also contributed to the preservation of the sea’s beauty and biodiversity. It is a compelling story of collaboration and support for sustainability, setting an excellent example for other businesses to follow.

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