Coral signs MoU with AUT on Truck Driving Simulator project

25 September 2023

In a promising step toward enhancing road safety and refining driver training programs, Coral, Lebanon’s leading supplier of gasoline, diesel and Jet A-1, has sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the American University of Technology (AUT). This collaborative effort aims to revolutionize driver training through the integration of a state-of-the-art Truck Driving Simulator project.

The brainchild of this partnership, the implementation of a cutting-edge Truck Driving Simulator project, has been met with great enthusiasm by Coral, which views it as a highly suitable and innovative addition to its driver training program. By participating in the pilot phase of this project, Coral demonstrates its resolve to ensure the highest standards of safety, vigilance and competence among its drivers.

This initiative, which is funded by the European Union and managed by the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, comes as a complementary effort to the existing driver training sessions held in collaboration with YASA (Youth Association for Social Awareness). The sessions organized with YASA were designed to cultivate a deep-rooted awareness among truck drivers regarding the potential risks they face on the road. Truck drivers, often navigating through challenging conditions, must remain vigilant at all times. Even minor errors from other motorists could escalate into tragic incidents. The collaboration with YASA sought to instill this sense of heightened vigilance among drivers. It emphasized the importance of defensive driving and reminded them that, despite their expertise, unexpected errors from other road users could lead to catastrophic consequences.

With the introduction of the Truck Driving Simulator project in collaboration with AUT, Coral is taking a proactive step toward further fortifying its training program. The simulator will offer an immersive and realistic experience for drivers, simulating various road conditions, weather scenarios and potential challenges they might encounter during their routes. This innovative training tool is expected to enhance driver skills, decision-making capabilities and overall preparedness for real-world driving situations.

Coral’s partnership with the American University of Technology for the Truck Driving Simulator project underscores the importance of continuous innovation in driver training programs and sets a remarkable example for other organizations to follow suit. By embracing advanced technologies and fostering collaborations, we can create a safer and more secure environment on our roads for all.

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