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Coral staff unleash their creative side with endearing Christmas trees

28 December 2022

BEIRUT: What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? The Coral staff were given a simple task by the Human Resources Department: To get creative in decorating a Christmas tree with a budget of LL1 million per team, and any funds left over would be donated to the SOS children’s village through the La Chaine de l’Espoir association.

The Christmas trees produced by the various teams were nothing short of astonishing. The unconventional interpretations of everyone’s favorite holiday decoration were as delightful as they were unique.

Every single team delivered a stunning creation that completely obliterated the limits of creativity. Using everything from fuel pump nozzles, cans and boxes of lubricant to folders, string, generators and even artwork, our employees demonstrated that a festive mood can be achieved with even the most unassuming items.

What mattered was the sense of camaraderie and playful competition as each team sought to make their creation more unique and memorable. More importantly, in typical fashion our staff worked as a single unit, affording the exercise a sense of joy that only strong bonds borne of friendship can bestow.

Just as meaningful was the fact that the teams, knowing excess funds would be going to needy children, all chose to scavenge and improvise with their various decorating strategies in order to ensure that maximum amount possible would go toward putting a smile on the faces of young children this Christmas.

As result, although the endearing and creative Christmas trees produced will be a source of laughter and good fun for the foreseeable future, the fact is they represent sacrifice, a decision to rein in spending for the benefit of needy children, who are smiling today because of several charming Christmas trees.

This is the company culture at Coral, where camaraderie prevails in every activity, and every choice is made and every action is taken with the best interests of the Lebanese community in mind. 

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