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Coral stations turn pink to fuel awareness and hope in the fight against breast cancer

16 October 2023

In a bold and compassionate move, Coral stations turned a vibrant shade of pink this October to shed light on an issue close to many hearts – Breast Cancer. This transformation isn’t a colorful makeover; it’s a powerful statement of solidarity and responsibility by Coral toward the community it serves.

Coral, well-known for its commitment to both its customers and society, has taken on a fresh hue for a crucial cause. The pink makeover serves as a poignant reminder to women about the importance of regular breast cancer screenings. Early detection, as it’s rightly said, can be a lifesaver. By adorning its stations in pink, Coral aims to emphasize this crucial message.

Coral stations turn pink to fuel awareness and hope

“Standing in solidarity with all fighters and raising awareness about Breast Cancer,” states Coral, echoing a sentiment that resonates deeply with countless individuals who have been touched by this disease. The symbolic pink takeover is a representation of the strength and courage exhibited by those who are battling breast cancer, as well as an acknowledgment of their journey.

The initiative extends across strategically selected stations across the country, placed along major highways, ensuring maximum visibility and outreach. These stations, situated in several areas of Lebanon from the South to the North , have been chosen to amplify the campaign’s reach and impact.

By adorning Coral stations in pink, the company isn’t just making a visual statement; it’s acting as a beacon of hope and encouragement for everyone touched by this disease directly or indirectly. It’s a reminder to embrace regular check-ups, seek support, and stand strong in the face of adversity.

As we navigate through this month of pink, let’s collectively raise our voices, heighten awareness, and show our support for the brave individuals in this fight.

Together, we can inspire awareness and hope as well as precipitate a brighter and healthier future for all women.

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