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Coral works to spread positive vibes in association with local talent

spread positive vibes
21 August 2022

BEIRUT: Optimism lies at the heart of every prosperous nation, because it is only with hope for a better future that populations can brave and overcome the challenges life puts in their path. With that mind, Coral is committed to inspiring hope and spreading positive vibes, especially in light of the difficulties that continue to linger in our beloved country.

A big part of Coral’s mission is to engender such a positive mindset, a goal that we strive to achieve on a daily basis, and seek to inspire hope however we can. Most times we forge ahead with our own resources, yet once every so often we find common ground with likeminded individuals who, much like us, try to lift spirits, and whose objective to spread positive vibes coincides with our own.

It is precisely that goal that led Coral to encourage local talent by collaborating with Lebanese artist Aline Lahoud on the upcoming “Mix and Match” concert on August 27, 2022, at Casino du Liban. As part of the collaboration, Coral is providing fans of Aline the chance to win hundreds of tickets to this one-of-a kind concert that includes a lavish set menu with open drinks during a seated dinner as they enjoy a live performance by the celebrated artist.

Over the past weeks Coral has launched a series of campaigns and competitions on our social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook among others, to not only engage with our fellow Lebanese but to provide free tickets to the quickest and wittiest among them.

This is an undertaking which warms our hearts as we observe the joy with which residents of Lebanon interact with us and one another, and as the fortunate ones walk away with over 200 highly coveted tickets for the concert to be held at this Lebanese landmark.

This collaboration has truly enabled us to spread positive vibes just as we intended, not only for the winners but also for all those who participated. It is our great hope that the success of this campaign acts as a launching pad for further novel and inspirational undertakings that continue to elicit much-needed positivity in these harsh times.

Coral remains a beacon of hope for Lebanon, determined to always keep the lights on. As a company whose mission is to energize the nation, we can think of no better way than to do so with a positive charge, putting smiles on the faces of the Lebanese people and bringing them together through talent and entertainment.

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