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Happy International Women’s Day!

8 March 2022

By Aline Khalil | Head of Human Resources.

Today is International Women’s Day, and together with our board of directors, committees, and all the groups’ managers and employees, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate CORAL’s commitment to parity, gender equality, and inclusion.

Since its establishment, the company has brought together women and men of all backgrounds and cultures, providing them with equal opportunities to grow their potential. 

Today, though our sector is going through the most severe crisis in its history, March 8th is a symbol of values that CORAL will continue to uphold.

As head of the Human Resources Division, I would like to ensure that women are able to access the so-called male-dominated professions; YES! Women must be offered the same opportunities and should be enabled to fairly compete within these professions. If by coming forward and by being visible, that change will find its way in society, then yes, we would like to set an example through our company.

During our recruitment, I say it loud and clear: equality must be ensured in terms of providing equal opportunities and employment pay for the careers of today and tomorrow.

Our company supports equal gender opportunities for men and women, and having more than 33% of women in the highest positions within our group is clear evidence.

March 8 is here to remind us of the path to follow and to think of the many milestones we still need to cross to achieve parity. This international day is here to also remind us of the actions we need to take towards equality, to raise awareness against bias, and to celebrate women’s achievements, leading to a diverse and inclusive working environment at CORAL.

Let us take pride in being part of a company that respects the rights of the men and the women that make up our workforce and are the base of our continuous expansion and successful stories.

For Women’s Day in CORAL, we want to celebrate together and tell all employees to keep dreaming … keep thriving … as success is an open path for all.

Be proud of the strong, beautiful, productive, special, empowered woman that you are!

Happy Women’s Day!

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