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Coral Oil energizes summer by supporting rising star ‘Aline Lahoud’ at Casino du Liban concert

Aline Lahoud performs at Casino du Liban
30 August 2022

BEIRUT: As part of its continuous social engagement and in an effort to support Tourism and local talents, Coral Oil energizes summer through its successful collaboration with Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud on the occasion of the “Mix and Match” concert held at Casino du Liban on 27 August 2022.

This unique partnership was the natural product of the shared goals of inspiring hope and promoting a positive outlook in Lebanon, especially in light of the difficulties that continue to afflict the country.

As part of this collaboration, throughout the month of August 2022 Coral ran a series of campaigns and competitions on its social media platforms in which it gave away scores of free concert tickets to the lucky winners.

This undertaking is in line with Coral’s mission to serve the people of Lebanon by all means possible, from providing essential fuel in the most difficult times to lending a helping hand wherever it is most needed.

Coral’s past efforts to continuously be of service to Lebanon include donations of diesel supplies to hospitals and other public institutions, contributions and support for emergency units, as well as many other campaigns designed to make a difference.

Coral energizes summer by supporting Aline Lahoud at Casino du Liban concert

Over the coming months and years Coral has in store many more projects to assist the community, and which will surely continue to inspire joy and become a beacon of hope when it is needed most.

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